Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cn u rd ths?

In my line of work, I spend a LOT of time in hotels. Probably 90% of that time is during the day. It's not easy but I've gotten used to sleeping during the day. Sometimes there are a lot of noises that try to wake me up.

I can deal with guests who talk in the hallways, not thinking that there might be some people trying to sleep. After all, 99% of the world actually does something crazy, like sleep at night! I can deal with the traffic on the street. I can deal with occasional work projects, both in and out of the hotel. I can deal with a high school cheerleading squad practicing in the parking lot on Saturday morning before a state tournament.

I CAN'T deal with guests who are still partying at 4 AM when I am checking in. I CAN'T deal with a pack of junior high school age boys playing hide-and-seek unsupervised in the hallways of all three wings of the hotel. I can't deal with housekeeping staff that can't keep their voices down in the hallways.

And I ESPECIALLY can't deal with housekeeping staff that knock on my door at noon to ask if I need housekeeping services when I have a 'Do Not Disturb' sign hanging on the door! And then knocking three or four times if I don't answer. What part of 'Do Not Disturb' don't you understand!!!!!!

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  1. I love the title for this. They did a study at.... Columbia, I think, that showed if you get the first and last letters of the words correct and spell everything in between wrong, comprehension is still very very high.

    For emaxlpe, tihs is ptrety esay to cnohmeperd, rgiht?

    Tbu isth si tujs biigbsrhe.