Thursday, September 24, 2009

New member of the family

At the end of August, we lost an old and trusted friend. Our Golden Retriever, Cinnamon, had been a part of our lives for 13 years. But just like us, old dogs don't last forever. We had to say goodbye.
We had already decided that the hole in our hearts would be re-filled with another dog when the time was right. So after much searching at shelters (it's so much easier now with the internet) we found Agatha.

Aggie is about 10 months old and was born in Puerto Rico. We got her from the Worcester Animal Rescue League, which is one of the many outlets that Save-A-Sato (a rescue league in PR) uses to find homes for the many street dogs they round up.

According the nice letter we got with her, she was orphaned when her mother was hit by a car and was not being well cared for. That's all changed now.

She has made friends with our three cats (actually two are ours and the other is a long-term boarder that belongs to our son and his daughter) and has already become Mom's shadow. Her training is a little rough around the edges, but she does behave well, for a youngster.

Today, she became 'legal' as I went to City Hall and got her licensed. On the way home, I surprised her (and Mom) by stopping by Petco and getting her a new red collar to accent her jet-black coat. With the license and the rabies tag jingling, she just looks so proud.

I think she'll fit in here real well.

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